Several events regularly take place in our house.
Following a short extract of our activities:
- fascinating wine tastings
- guided tours of the enterprise 
- culinary wine tastings
- hiking tours in the vineyards including a drink
   ......... and much more.

The range of possibilities is completed
- by hiking tours on hiking trails,
- bicycle tours on bicycle routes,
- canoe trips and boat tours,
- public swimming pools in the near surrounding
  ......and a lot more.

Furthermore, Kenn is the ideal starting point for different day trips as for example to Luxemburg, the Eifel, the Husnrück/Hochwald region, the upper parts of the river Moselle and the river Saar, the middle parts of the river Moselle with its steeps and vineyards, nice villages and last but not least the historic Roman city of Trier.

Various other activities in the fields of culture, sports and entertainment take place throughout the whole year, as well as several wine festivals You will find further information on dates, hosts,
wine festivals, etc on: