Our enterprise is domiciled in Kenn, which is known as the “gate to the Roman wine route“. Kenn is located quite centrally but nevertheless very calm and has an on-ramp and exit to the German freeway A602 (distance around 1 km). The distance to Trier is 8 km in eastern direction. The beautiful natural scenery of Kenn is determined by fields, grasslands, forests and vineyards. A high number of attractive leisure time activities, cultural offerings and an agile club culture with quite a few summer parties attract visitors to Kenn. Besides all this, the close surrounding of Kenn also offers a sheer inexhaustible range of leisure time activities and experiences.

Details on the journey:

Passing the A1 in the direction to Trier you will reach the three-leg interchange „Moseltal“. By following the labelling in the direction to Trier, you will enter the A602. The junction “Kenn” follows at the next departure.
Important information for guests taking the A64 from the direction of Luxemburg / Bitburg:
please pass the Moselbridge and take the direction to Saarbrücken/Koblenz/Köln (not the direction to Trier!) as signposted at the end of the bridge; the departure Kenn follows directly.

Directly after having left the freeway, you will arrive at the city entrance of Kenn. In front the concrete factory please take the lane to turn to your left and follow Bahnhofstrasse until you reach the rotary traffic. Here keep straight on and follow Bahnhofstrasse another 200m until you reach our hotel on Haupstr. 1.
In case you have chosen a different city entrance just follow the street straight ahead until you reach the rotary traffic, then turn to Bahnhofstrasse and follow it up to our hotel in Haupstrasse. As our hotel is signposted throughout the whole town you can easily find us by regarding the direction signs.



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For all kinds of tours there is a connection to the public bus network near our hotel. The range of possibilities is completed by hiking tours on hiking trails, bicycle tours on bicycle routes, canoe trips, boat tours, public swimming pools in the near surrounding and a lot more. Furthermore, Kenn is the ideal starting point for different day trips as for example to Luxemburg, the Eifel, the Husnrück/Hochwald region, the upper parts of the river Moselle and the river Saar, the middle parts of the river Moselle with its steeps and vineyards, nice villages and last but not least the historic Roman city of Trier.